A pioneering marketplace for connecting households with professionals

WeDo had a vision, a new marketplace to make it easier for businesses to find work, and customers to get things done. Using custom algorithms, intelligent functionality, and user-centred design, they wanted the WeDo experience to be world-class. WeDo asked us to help plan, design, and launch a product to realise their vision.

Planning for success

Experience with complex digital products gave us the know-how to plan the project. We mapped out the user journeys and functionality. Sorting these into epics and features made it easier to plan timelines and set budgets. No surprises here.

The product features included geo-targeting, payments, quoting, dynamic estimates, messaging, dashboard, notifications, profiles, directories, ratings, and reviews.

Strategy-epics-features 1680x1120px

WeDo functionality organised into epics and features.

Gaining insights from research

We tested local and global marketplaces to identify the pros and cons of each platform. Sifting through global UX developments helped determine the best practices to adopt.

Research on small businesses provided insights into challenges around managing customers and jobs. We also gained understanding of the difficulties consumers faced in finding reliable professionals.

Best UX UI Research 3@2x

A snippet of the research into marketplaces and UX/UI global best practices.

Providing the design vision

We produced an interactive prototype depicting our vision for the design and experience. We shared this with the WeDo team and their development partners to confirm that we all aligned.

Guided by the vision of a simple, intuitive experience we mapped all the journeys for the product. Partnering with SEO experts, we designed the information architecture. We used illustrations and animated micro-interactions to deliver a simple, memorable experience.

Proof Of Concept 2@2x
Screens from the interactive prototype used to communicate the design vision.

Simplifying the workflow

The WeDo team engaged themselves in the design and development process. We decided to work onsite in WeDo’s space to get instant feedback and take part in the business model development. Adopting an agile approach optimised the design-to-development workflow.

Because the development partners were global, we held daily video meetings. This enabled fast decisioning making and rapid development progress.

Design To Development Workflow InVision App 2@2x
Screens delivered via InVision sped up the workflow.

Launching WeDo to the market

With the marketplace website live, the marketing campaign launched soon after. We created a strategy to encourage businesses to sign up with WeDo.co.nz. Following this, we created a campaign to help consumers find the services they require.

We produced a digital campaign comprising of videos and display banners. Short, well-crafted animated videos ran as YouTube pre rolls. We designed and built dynamic re-marketing display banners for the Google Display Network.
The launch of WeDo was an instant success. WeDo’s services and coverage are continuing to expand. WeDo.co.nz has become the home of getting things done for thousands of New Zealanders.

We hit the jackpot when
we found you guys.

Kayne Munro, WeDo