Skinny app

Redesign of the Skinny app with new functionality and improved usability

Skinny rebrand in 2018. As part of a larger programme of digital rebrand work, Skinny asked us to redesign the Skinny app. We used the opportunity to review and improve the usability of the app.

Auditing the old Skinny app

We mined the app’s analytics for insights into what was, and wasn’t working for customers. A clear picture formed and we set about refining the customer journey.

Skinny App Analytics Screens@2x

Redesigning the experience

Our audit meant that we knew what needed to happen to simplify to the navigational structure. We also needed to include new functionality into the design of the app’s structure. We designed a footer navigation with links to the most used features, reducing the number of taps.

Skinny App Design@2x

Testing and refining the UX design

We produced an interactive prototype for testing the app design with Skinny customers. The insights from testing fed back into the design process to further improve the new app. The new design received high NPS during testing and was ready for development.

Skinny App Comment 3@2x

Delightful results

Skinny were very happy with the new app. The improved usability of the new app delighted us. Our effort resulted in an app much easier to use, with clearer buy journeys, and a more elegant design.

Skinny App IPhone X Dash@2x
Skinny App IPhone 6 Onboarding@2x
Skinny App IPhone X AddOn DataBinge@2x

Pretty perfect design for an app!
Simple, all the info you need is on
one tab, and data binge is built in!

Ammerss (Skinny customer)