The naming and branding of a facility for nurturing innovation

Auckland Unlimited needed a name and brand for their new public innovation lab. The lab creates opportunities for government, businesses and communities to develop ideas together. Auckland Unlimited asked us to lead them through naming, branding, and designing an identity for their lab. We created graphic guidelines, website design, tone-of-voice template, and environmental signage.

Hatchbox Magazine V3

Hatching a memorable name

After facilitating discovery and naming workshops, Hatchbox was the chosen name. Hatchbox is where ideas hatch, where you move in and out of the box to challenge the norm. The association with ‘matchbox’ makes the name easy to remember. It also alludes to spark, enthusiasm and warmth.

Hatchbox Logotypes 3@2x

Branding outside the egg

The Hatchbox brand needed to adapt to the various environments of Hatchbox’s customers. It needed to be fluid, flexible and a bit off-centre. We created a logotype that was distinct and able to morph into many different iterations. Four different lock-up designs, could render in four different colours. A colour palette matrix design ensured a consistent yet flexible brand delivery.

Hatchbox Colour Signage@2x


The resulting brand represents the core of Hatchbox: ideas, innovation, and the nurturing and exploring of creative solutions.

Professionalism, strategic
experience and creative flair…
hard to replicate elsewhere.

Catriona Stewart, Auckland Unlimited